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Mat class
Classic Pilates mat repertoire done on the floor that focuses on strengthening the core muscles using the bodies own natural resistance.

Kids Pilates
A Mat Pilates class foundation with the focus ranging  from dance to sports specifics and injury prevention, to all the effects our modern culture- overloaded backpacks, prolonged sitting, gaming and its effects on posture and the neck specifically- Looking ahead to the future of our youth- preventions is way better than the cure! Ages 9- 15 Call for availability, time and pricing-

Reformer class
The Reformer is a spring-loaded piece of equipment that allows resistance and support in a smooth non-impact rhythmic manner. Class size is from 3- 8 participants based on Levels 1, 2 and 3.

Pilates Circuit* A total body workout using a variety of Pilates equipment as stations in a class format with multiple participants.  Pre-requisite: 10+ private sessions, ability to be determined by instructor.

A plyometric class done on the Reformer with light resistance-excellent cardiovascular conditioning and core stability training.  Pre-requisite: 10+ private sessions, ability to be determined by instructor.

A 55-minute class composed and choreographed to inspiring music which seamlessly blends Pilates, Ballet and Yoga.
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Foam Roller & Stretch class*
Restore and replenish the supple quality of your body- This class is for everyone! Using various traditional stretching methodology, as well as, the techniques of using the foam roller as an assistant to the stretching process, this class is sure to please-

Chair class
Use of the specialized spring-resisted chair apparatus in a 30 minute format. May also be paired with another class.

Pilates Express
This 35 minute  Reformer class is a great way to fit in a total body workout in a short amount of time, offered even during your lunch break!

Functional Fitness
This class was developed for total body awareness and freedom of movement in everyday life. Each class will include the following:

  • Fascia release using foam rolling and dynamic movement
  • Balance training
  • Pilates
  • Feldenkries
  • Light weights
  • Mini Trampoline for the lymphatic system

This Pilates based class was designed for clients completing rehab or physical therapy but not quite ready for main stream fitness and those new to Pilates.  The basic of the class is intentional, mindful movement from the inside out – using the inner core unit (the psoas-transverses abdominus-pelvic floor multifidus) with proper breath patterns.  It is slower paced but very challenging for the total body!

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Mat classes
1 class $30
5 classes $25 ($125)
10 classes $20 ($200)
20 classes $18 ($360)

Reformer classes
1 class $38
5 classes $36 ($180)
10 classes $32 ($320)
20 classes $30 ($600)

Chair class
$30 per class

Specialty classes* $35 per class

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Class policy

  • A reservation must be made and paid for in advanced to ensure a place in class.
  • Classes are conducted in a series of 5 weeks.
  • All classes are 55 minutes in length (except the Chair class)- please arrive 5 minutes beforehand to prepare.
  • A 24-hour notice of cancellation is a courtesy in order for us to contact those on the wait list. Sessions missed without notification will be considered paid in full.
  • No refunds. Non-transferable.  Balances may be used toward merchandise.
  • Note that all packages have expiration dates of 6 months.


The History of Pilates

“It’s the mind itself that controls the body.”  ~ Joseph Pilates

Pilates evolved from techniques created by Joseph H. Pilates more than 70 years ago. First called “Contrology,” it dramatically improves strength, flexibility, coordination, and posture. It creates a body that is long and lean, with strong legs, core, and back.

Joseph Pilates studied Eastern and Western forms of exercise and philosophies. He was greatly influenced by ancient Greek and Roman regimens. Over the course of his career, he developed over 600 exercises for the various pieces of apparatus he invented. The Pilates equipment is designed to condition the entire body using positions and movements, which ultimately correct body alignment and balance. His guiding philosophy in creating the apparatus and the movements was that the “whole” must be exercised to achieve good health. There is a large repertoire of movements developed for Fundamental to Master Level which can be customized to each individual’s goals. Using springs and pulleys, which create progressive resistance, the equipment helps in producing muscle contractions that stimulate functional muscle action. At the same time the stabilizing muscle groups are encouraged to work isometrically in order to maintain correct positioning and alignment. Professional dancers have used Pilates for decades. Top athletes use it to develop coordination and to prevent injury.

Benefits of Pilates

• Mind/Body Connection
• Builds strength, flexibility, & coordination
• Develops long and lean muscles
• Emphasizes low-impact, partial, & nonweightbearing exercises
• Great for injury prevention
• Effective for all fitness levels
• Challenging yet safe
• Proper spinal movement & joint mobilization
• Lengthens the body & aligns the spine
• Diaphragmatic breathing emphasized to increase spinal alignment, improve circulation, & oxygenation of total body
• Awareness of centering to properly use trunk, abdominals, back & rib cage
• Precise execution in proper biomechanical movement
• Fluidity, grace of motion, & balance
• Improves athletic performance – methodology adapts to specificity of the athlete/sport
• Excellent & gentle for pre-post surgery, pre and post-natal
• Rapid results


The GYROTONIC® experience is one that enhances performance and compliments a wide variety of physical activity. GYROTONIC® equipment uses unique spiraling and circular motion patterns to promote increased fluidity, flexibility, endurance and strength as well as, improving rhythm and coordination- all while impact free.  Participants are taught the unique ability of how to move the total body.  Through arching, curling, bending, twisting and spiraling movements with coordinated breathing, patterns in the body are released making posture more harmonious. It also increases pathways of the nervous system, oxygenates the blood, mobilizes joints and fascia. It is an excellent system for injury recovery, pre/post natal and pre/post surgery and can be adapted to any level.

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Ballecore is a 55 minute class composed and choreographed to inspiring music which seamlessly blends Pilates, Ballet and Yoga. The integration of these three disciplines focuses on correct posture, strengthening of the core muscles, and increasing flexibility.  This class is not only fun but accessible to all ages, fitness levels, and exercise backgrounds.
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