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Kate Porath

Kate Porath

Instructor:  Kate Dunn

Kate Dunn has had a lifetime of training in classical ballet, jazz, modern dance and Pilates. She studied at West Coast Conservatory of Dance for 10 years and trained at the Lorenzo De’Medici in Florence, Italy.

Kate has had 16 years of Pilates training. She received her first certification from Body Arts and Science International under the direction of Rael Isacowitz, and her second certification from Long Beach Dance Conditioning under Kendel Pink and Alicia Head.  She is also certified in BalleCore® under the direction of Charlyn Huss d’Anconia a unique blend of Pilates, Ballet, and Yoga utilizing a personal barre.  In 2012 Kate was certified through Pink Ribbon Program, a post-operative exercise based breast cancer recovery program. Kate received a Bachelor of Arts degree from Point Loma University, San Diego. She has been a Pilates instructor in Southern California for 10 years, having previously taught classes at Point Loma University. Kate has maintained a loyal private clientele and is a popular instructor for events and seminars.

She empathizes the importance of connecting the Mind, Body and Spirit through breath, movement and the power of essential oils. Kate has been using essential oils to help enhance her clients experience and health. Essential oils have been a played a crucial role in her health and the health of her clients for the past 4 years. Kate is certified in AromaTouch Technique. This Massage Technique improves wellbeing by reducing physical and emotional stressors and supports healthy autonomic function. AromaTouch utilizes specific essential oils and blends to promote relaxation and stress relief, offer immune support, decrease pain and inflammation and elevate mood. Essential oils applied along energy lines and on reflexology points stimulate homeostasis and balance in the body.

A life of immersion in the art of physical movement has given Kate a unique academic and practical depth of knowledge. Her intuitive sense of the physiological needs of the body combine with her genuine care for individuals. Her clients experience a warm environment that fosters the optimum in the healing and strengthening powers of Pilates.

I am a complete believer in Pilates and I have to admit I came into it with a skeptical mindset.  I am an avid runner having spent most of my life running long distances and believed that to get any kind of work out, you need to sweat (a lot) and do multiple repetitions.  Well Pilates has changed my mind and life – today after one year of Pilates (about 2-3 times a week) I am back to running and have lost inches throughout my core area.  In addition, my strength and flexibility have significantly improved.

I also have tremendous confidence in Kate and believe it is so important to learn Pilates from the best.  I came to them having just suffered from a partially torn Achilles.  In addition, I had limited range of motion because of chronic lower back issues.  So needless to say, I was concerned about injuring myself further.  Kate spent time with my Physical Therapist understanding my medical situation – and has continually worked with me to get stronger through Pilates keeping in mind my medical limitations.  Today,  I am now able to run again pain free and going the long distances that I enjoy.  I highly recommend Pilates and most importantly I would only recommend Kate!  ~Tanja

“I was skeptical and uncoordinated when I first started Pilates; but Kate stuck with me. She patiently supported and guided me. She is incredibly knowledgeable about your body. This enables her to instruct with a keen focus on working your core muscles. I feel there are no wasted movements. Kate is able to adjust certain exercises to make sure the movement is working for you. She has a great personality and keeps me motivated and inspired. If you want to be stronger and leaner; Pilates and Kate are the way to go”.  ~Sonia Patel Dalton

Sonia Patel Dalton